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Hi everyone!

I enjoy stationery and buying new things every year. So, let’s talk about this today!

I know that stationery sounds a bit out of fashion, but to me, there is something exciting about getting new notebooks, bullet planners, pens, folders, etc.

They don’t just help you to keep your desk organized, they also serve as a very nice decoration. They can definitely brighten up your workspace.

That’s why I like choosing bold and colorful patterns, to make my office space look less serious.

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Although not stationery, plants also go a long way into not just decorating your workspace, but actually bringing life to it.

This year, I decided to go for many flower patterns. They also give a more feminine look to my office, without going overboard.

I like having different types of pens, of different tint colors. I enjoy being able to bring my notes to life. Black and blue tints are okay, but mixing them up with other colors can make a difference.

I know you can do all this on your computer, and I do use it too. But there is something about actually writing down information, which I still really enjoy.

Some of my ideas for social media and blog posts, I like to write them down first in a notebook. This way I can always take it with me and add as more ideas pop into my head.

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I also like using a notebook as my bullet planner. I can plan my day, my week, and even my month this way. I only add to the computer the daily tasks but I prefer to keep the rest in my notebook.

And having nice pens, pencils, and so forth, makes it even nicer to write down any sort of information, right?

So, are you team stationery or not? Do you still use it or do you keep everything on your computer? I’d love to read all about it in the comments.

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Until next time, take care and stay safe!