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Translation Tests: Results

Hi everyone!

Continuing with the topic of translation tests, today I’d like to talk about the results of those tests. Whether we actually received them or not, what can we learn from them?

Well, if you have taken any translation tests, you know that we don’t always get the results back. I mean, we might get a “yes, you passed the test” or a “no, you didn’t pass it” and that is it. But rarely do we get the test back with the corrections and comments from the person who reviewed it. And sometimes, we don’t even hear back from the client, either way.

I think that if we are taking a test, for free or not, the least we should expect is to get an answer about whether we passed it or not, and if we didn’t, the test itself with the corrections made. This can teach us about the mistakes made, so we don’t repeat them again.

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It could also help us to ask for clarification, in case we don’t agree with all the corrections. If this is from a field that we are experts in, we should definitely let the client know if there are any corrections we don’t agree with. It could be just a matter of style. Our style is probably not going to be the same as the person who reviewed our test but that doesn’t mean that the text isn’t properly translated.

So, I do ask for my test when a client says that I didn’t pass it. Of course, not all clients send it, which is a shame, but some of them do. I’ve learned so much from this, it only makes sense that we get the corrected test every time.

What has your experience been like with the translation tests’ results? Do you always hear back from the client? Do you get the corrected test sent so you can see which mistakes you made?

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