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International Translation Day 2020


Believe it or not, another year has gone by and today is time to celebrate again the International Translation Day, which is also the Feast Day of St. Jerome, the patron saint of translators, archaeologists, Biblical scholars, librarians, and students.

Last year, I wrote about how things were going for the ITD; you can read my post here International Translation Day 2019

Today I want to talk about how things are after another year! In my previous ITD post I talked about starting a new long-term project with a direct client. I am happy to let you know that it has turned into a full-time translation and localization job!

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That job is with #FluentU, a website/app for learning languages. I am officially their Content Localizer for English to Spanish. Despite the name of the position, my main job is to translate the interactive captions of the videos they use to teach English to Spanish speakers from Latin America.

I also support other services, like checking that the images for the words used in Spanish correspond to each word’s meaning, and that they are not offensive. I have also support, from time to time, the English, Italian, Chinese (yes, that’s right!), and Portuguese services. Right now I am supporting the Portuguese service (which is relatively new) finding new videos in #YouTube for beginner learners.

Last year I also talked about social media. In May of this year, just a year after I started my business account on Instagram, I reached 1,000 followers! I could not believe it! I wanted to hit that mark, but I didn’t think it would happen in a year’s time. Right now, I have a little over 1,300 followers and the community keeps on growing!

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My Facebook Page and LinkedIn account have also grown during this past year. Not to the numbers of Instagram, but slowly I am also building two unique communities there.

I am also working on a long-term project translating materials for the US elections. Don’t get excited; it is only for School District elections! Still, I’ve learned a lot with this project, especially about how important translation is for an election, how leaders need to be understood by all the voters.

Of course, I still work daily on reaching new potential clients to grow my business. I hope one day to partner with other translators, both from my language pair and others, to collaborate and get more clients and projects.

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I’m grateful for another year working as a full-time freelance translator! After two years of not being sure if this would work out, I feel blessed for finally getting there! And if I was able to make it happen, so can you!

So, what has this year been like for you? Any accomplishments you’d like to share? I’d love to hear more about your year and how you are celebrating ITD in the comments below. Don’t be shy! And remember to subscribe to my blog to get the latest posts directly in your inbox.

And before I finish, today is also the International Podcast Day! I love podcasts, especially those that have to do with translation and languages. To find out which ones are my favorite, make sure to read the post My Favorite Podcasts

Until next time, take care and stay safe!

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International Translation Day 2019

Hello everyone!

I cannot believe that once again the International Translation Day (ITD) it’s just around the corner, this September 30th! I remember when I first wrote about it last year:

So, that blog post is from last year, and this is my second year writing about the ITD, but what has changed during this period?

Thankfully, a lot! A year ago I was still struggling to find new clients and, therefore, more work.

Right now, I am happy to share that I am working with my first direct client in years, and it seems it will be a long-term project. I work every day on it, and it feels so good to actually be working as a translator all day long.

There is another long term project that I might participate in, as an editor. So, definitely, a year has brought many changes.

But it hasn’t been just time. Since May of this year, I have been working hard trying to position my brand in social media. I am thrilled that I’m finally starting to get results!!

This year’s celebration of the International Translation Day has a lot more meaning to me now. The fact that I am finally working full-time as a translator, fills me with utter joy!

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And I will continue to work as hard as I have, and even harder, to not lose these amazing results.

There’s still a lot I can do to get more clients, and I will not stop until I have a non-stop flow of work, which I believe is the aim of any freelance translator. It is mine, for sure!

Looking back a year, how would you say things are going for you now? Are things better or not?

Please, share your thoughts with me and don’t forget to subscribe to my blog, so you can receive my most recent posts right in your inbox!