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International Translation Day 2019

Hello everyone!

I cannot believe that once again the International Translation Day (ITD) it’s just around the corner, this September 30th! I remember when I first wrote about it last year:

So, that blog post is from last year, and this is my second year writing about the ITD, but what has changed during this period?

Thankfully, a lot! A year ago I was still struggling to find new clients and, therefore, more work.

Right now, I am happy to share that I am working with my first direct client in years, and it seems it will be a long-term project. I work every day on it, and it feels so good to actually be working as a translator all day long.

There is another long term project that I might participate in, as an editor. So, definitely, a year has brought many changes.

But it hasn’t been just time. Since May of this year, I have been working hard trying to position my brand in social media. I am thrilled that I’m finally starting to get results!!

This year’s celebration of the International Translation Day has a lot more meaning to me now. The fact that I am finally working full-time as a translator, fills me with utter joy!

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And I will continue to work as hard as I have, and even harder, to not lose these amazing results.

There’s still a lot I can do to get more clients, and I will not stop until I have a non-stop flow of work, which I believe is the aim of any freelance translator. It is mine, for sure!

Looking back a year, how would you say things are going for you now? Are things better or not?

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