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Translators’ Associations

Hi everyone!

Today I want to talk about translators’ associations. Is it a good idea to join them? If so, which ones should we join? Let’s explore this topic further.

Joining a professional association is always beneficial for a translator. Most associations are already well-known. Membership makes a translator’s profile more attractive to recruiters and clients. It is important to continue to expand your knowledge and training throughout your career.

Many associations offer training courses at a reduced rate or even free of charge for their members.

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You can belong to several associations at the same time, for example, a national association and a regional association within the same country, or according to specific fields such as legal or audiovisual.

Now, what are the advantages of belonging to an association? There can be many, like more renown, which can lead to landing more clients. Also, you can advertise on your website and social/professional profiles that you belong to a certain association.

Of course, more clients is always a good thing. But what kind of clients do you want? If you want to gain more local clients, definitely you should join a national or regional association. But if you prefer international clients, you should consider joining an international association, like the ATA from the US.

It isn’t easy to join an international or foreign association. Most likely, you will have to prove that you already are a part of your local association, and you might have to take a test to get certified since your local certification is most likely not valid outside of your country.

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So, to join or not to join? It really depends on what you want. If you want to belong to an association where you can meet and share experiences with colleagues, get learning tools for free, and get extra recognition for your knowledge and experience; you should definitely join one.

But if you are looking for foreign clients because local clients are not what you expected, then belonging to a local association might not be a good idea. You should look into international associations and see if you can find a better fit there.

So, do you belong to a translators’ association or not? If so, to which one or ones? I’d love to read more about it in the comments.

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