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What Not to Do with Clients

Hello everyone!

I know the title might sound strange because we all think we know what not to do with clients. I recently had the opportunity to participate in a webinar about what things to avoid with clients.

We all want our clients to keep coming back to us for more work, but sometimes certain behaviors, even small ones, can drive them away and we don’t even know what went wrong.

Besides the obvious courtesy and delivering quality work on time, we also need to remember to invoice in due time and not ask about payment until it is actually past due. Also, if we commit to finishing a project for a certain date we should comply with it, no excuses are valid and if there is any problem, we must let the client know with anticipation.

Another important thing, we should not be afraid to say no. I know we are all looking for returning clients and more work, but if a client is asking you to do an impossible project, don’t be afraid to say no and fully explain why you cannot commit to it, if they are understanding, they might accept your conditions.

If they don’t, there will always be a new opportunity or a new client. If you commit to a project that you know you won’t we able to complete, you’ll only find yourself in more trouble.

I’d like to hear your opinions about dealing with clients and what not to do.

Have a great day!



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