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Translators without Borders

Hello everyone!

I hope you are doing well. As you may have noticed, I have included my Translators without Borders badge in my homepage, which shows the number of words I have translated for them so far, and it will get automatically updated as I continue to translate for them.

For several months I have been translating and proofreading for Translators without Borders (TWB) and the experience has been fantastic! I get to learn about so many new topics and new terms, plus I get to help a non-profit organization to get their work done.

TWB does such a great work around the world making sure that the barriers of language are broken, so that a fluid communication can exist.

If you want more information about becoming a volunteer translator for TWB, visit their website:

The fact that you can make a difference in the world, by doing that you love to do, it is really the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done!

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